Lenigola has been a leading brand on the market for over 15 years with a range of products based on natural ingredients.
Lenigola products are based on dewaxed and purified Propolis,
obtained using innovative extraction methods with a high concentration of flavonoids.


In 2016 Lenigola became part of the Coswell world

  1. In 2016 Lenigola became part of the Coswell world, a dynamic and innovative Italian family company that pursues sustainable development in harmony with the environment and society. Since the 1960s Coswell has stood out as one of the pioneers of numerous Italian and international markets, particularly that of nutraceuticals, developing a deep knowledge of the raw materials and production processes.
  1. To revive and breathe new life into the brand, Coswell immediately dedicated a team with many years of experience in the dietary supplements sector to Lenigola with the aim of developing natural health products.

The products LENIGOLA are:

Gluten free - No ogm - Free sugar - No preservatives - Whitout artiificial coloring