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Propolis derives from a resinous mixture that bees collect from botanical sources like buds and tree bark and subsequently they work them through their digestive secretions, adding additional components(enzymes, wax, pollen) to create a substance used to protect the beehive.
Propolis is mainly composed of resins, balsams, and waxes, which vary in quantity depending on the sources collected. Pollens, essential oils, organic compounds (like flavonoids), and minerals are also present in propolis.


The flavonoids present in propolis, like galangin, carry out an antibacterial action. The greater the concentration of galangin in the products, the more effective they are.
In the case of flu symptoms that affect the upper airways, such as sore throats and colds, propolis is an excellent remedy because it has an antibacterial action and its effect is proportional to the concentration used.